Can I pay for a flight for someone else, even if I’m not traveling?

You can book with Traveller Lodge on behalf of a friend, relative, employee, etc. Please note that we will require the name of the cardholder (as it appears on the card) and correct billing address to which card statements are sent. We do need latest Statement and scanned copy of the both sides of debit or Credit Card being used for payment of flights. If this information is not provided it could delay the issue of your tickets. Traveller Lodge take cardholder security very seriously and we reserve the right to reject any booking if we are not satisfied that the cardholder has given permission for the transaction. Moreover we also need payee’s authorization with his/her original signatures to be sent by fax or his/her e-mail.

Can I change my travel dates?

Please consult our Travel consultants. If your ticket does permit changes, the airline sometimes charge an amendment fee. In addition, we may normally make a service charge to re-validate or reissue your ticket.

Can I change my first name on the ticket?

If you wish to make a name change, please Contact and we will try to help you.

Please note most scheduled airlines do NOT permit name changes. If a name change is possible, additional charges normally apply. Charges varies across airlines as well.

How can I cancel a booking and request a refund?

Yes, You can cancel a booking but for that purpose you have to pay a cancellation fee. For booking cancellations and refund details please consult our Booking Agents.

Will there be an extra charge for paying by credit card?

We are pleased to accept Master and Visa credit cards without any extra charges.

What about my personal information safety?

All the information you provide to us will only be used for the booking purpose only and will not be disclosed to any person or company. Moreover all the transactions over the phone are secure and confidential. We are fully Bonded agents.

How can I make my payments?

We accept Visa, Solo, Switch, Delta and Maestro Cards over the phone . You can also Deposit your amount in our bank.Please note we require fourteen working days for cheques clearance before tickets can be issued. Should insufficient time be available to allow this we can arrange special clearance with our bank at an additional cost of £25. We are unable to accept foreign currency cheques at the moment.
We also accept payments through Visa and Master Credit cards. No transactional charges are applicable on top of agreed amount. However if the payee is paying by credit card and his departure is within 72 Hours of Payment, then the payee is required to submit signed payment authorization along with copies of card by Fax or e-mail. For more information about payment through credit cards please consult our experts.

What if I want to return to a different airport?

Returning back to other airport (not from where you departed) is called an open Jaw situation. We can offer or arrange an Open Jaw flight if available after confirming from the airline authorities. For more information contact sales on 0207 112 8372.

Will I be acknowledged when my booking is confirmed?

If you have booked a scheduled flight, you will receive an email acknowledgment from us shortly afterwards that we have received the booking. When the booking reaches our ticketing staff, the card details are checked and payment taken. When your tickets have been issued, you receive a further email showing your ticket numbers.

Do I get discount for group bookings?

In the first instance email us your requirements or call us on 0207 112 8372 . We will try to find suitable flights, and can then contact the airline or tour operator to confirm the availability and price. Please note that with scheduled flights, we advise against making several small bookings for groups of 10 persons.

How are these fares/tickets different than buying a ticket from the airline directly or from a website.

These tickets are in most cases very similar to the tickets that you buy directly from the airlines. You can request special meals, get advanced seat assignments and almost always accrue frequent flyer mileage. But booking with us will give you more privileges which other websites don’t, for an instance:
Out-Bound Date changes (Date change Fee will be applicable).
Ticket Cancellation (Ticket cancellation Fee will be applicable).

What is an e-ticket?

An e-ticket is an electronic ticket. It contains all the information shown on a paper ticket, but is stored as an electronic record in the airline’s computer system. When the e-ticket has been issued, the passenger simply needs to print out their receipt / itinerary showing the booking reference. At the departure airport the passenger goes straight to the airline check-in desk. The main benefits to the passenger are that the e-tickets cannot be lost; there is no need to queue for tickets at the airport, and itinerary changes (where permitted by the airline) can be handled more easily. This form of ticketing is becoming widespread, and the International Air Transport Association is aiming for 100% implementation of e-ticketing worldwide by the end of 2008.

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